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Tema Trading Co. is an international supplier of conventional and organic fruit juice concentrates, fruit purees and NFC fruit juices with a wide range of flavors. We are cooperating with the industry-leading processors and distributors in USA & Europe and we would be glad to hear your inquiries starting from pails up to multiple container load quantities. Please contact us to discuss about the details.

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Prune Juice Concentrate is produced by the clarification, filtration and evaporation (concentration) of Prune Juice which has been previously obtained by processing the dried grapes through the consecutive stages of washing, sorting, crushing, cooking and pressing. Prune Juice Concentrate has the characteristic taste and odour of natural prunes.

Prune Juice Concentrate is then packed, through aseptic filling or cold filling, into PE bags in metal or plastic drums, in bins or into food tankers with specific volumes as per customer requirements and the packed prune juice concentrate is transferred to the storage area.

As a dried fruit extract, prune juice concentrate is very rich in sugars and is therefore naturally sweet. Prune juice concentrate has many uses in the food industry, e.g. as a sweetener, colour and flavour enhancer, a binding agent in cereal bars, and also as a ‘humectant’ to help keep cakes and cookies moist.

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